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MA Divine Illustration was born from the love of making art, seeing art and expressing. Soon after a year of painting and posting, MDI art became a gift to share with family, friends and personal pieces. Each project is special and is taken very seriously. Take a look at the latest additions to our collection both in Original Painted and Canvas Prints.

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Ma Divine Illustration's Services and Products

Your DIVINE Design 

Personal and Family Portraits

Personal and Family Portraits are apart of the Commission based paintings. But specifically speaking, Personal and Family Portraits are canvases that are painted of You, Your Friend, Your Family, Babies or Strangers for a beautiful or memorable gift and decoration. 

Ready Made Canvas Choices & Canvas Prints 

Ready Made Canvases are Canvases that are hand-made and sealed for purchase at a set price. Canvas Prints are Printed posters that are available in Matte or Gloss poster, Bond, Satin or Canvas paper. Each type of poster and size of poster varies in price. 

Commision Paintings 

Commission Paintings are Canvas Paintings that are your ideas, designs, and in your desired size. Most Commission Paintings are nature based, scriptural, Personal and Family Portraits, and more. *Not all commissions will be accepted. Wait time can be long. Email @ for more information.*

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MA Divine Illustration

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